Renewable energy from crops and agrowastes  
Project Deliverables
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  Publishable Final Activity Report final activity report
D2 Project presentation D2
D4 Database of crop species methane production potential D2
D4  Database of values (zipped Access database)
D5 Standardised test procedures for assessing kinetic constraints and evaluating reaction rates


D6 Comparison of traditional analytical procedure for assessing hydrolysis with advanced NMR techniques D6
D7 Kinetic data from a modified BMP test with uncoupling of solids and liquid retention times D7
D9 Inputs to the European Energy Crops Internetwork database D9
D11 Optimal pre-treatment methods to increase methane yields under various conditions D11
D12 Optimal storage systems for the energy crops for various climatic conditions D12
D13 Characterisation of optimised silage starter cultures D13
D17 Database on the methane production potential from mixed digestion D17
D18 Quantification of energy deficits and surpluses for a staged approach to crop energy production D18
D19 An overall energy balance for energy production taking into account energy inputs associated with farming


D21 Comparative data on mixed and static bed reactors for inducing high rates of solids hydrolysis D21
D22 Energy balance optimisation for an integrated arable/livestock farm unit D22
D23 Cost-benefit analysis to determine whether farm energy production can lead to measurable advantages in the longer term productivity cycle D23
D25 Life cycle energy balances on a number of crop species D25
D26 Digestion and co-digestion mass balance for different operative conditions and process configurations for oily crops and agricultural market wastes D26
D27 Mathematical description of the AD process with high solids feedstocks for design purposes D27
D28 A DSS to assist in operational control of plant for optimisation of biogas production and methane content D28
D30 Assessment of the potential for crop-derived biogas as an energy source in the EU, taking into account technical and environmental issues and socio-economic impact D30


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